Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron

What we do to our Aerons..

Before we will let an Aeron leave our workshop it will go through some basic steps which all our chairs go through.

If you want to give a ring please do. We also have a small showroom for clients to see and try chairs out.


The first thing we do to any Aeron that comes in is to clean. We use a variety of methods from detergents to steam cleaning. We use non toxic products for the benefit of us and you.

14 days return policy

We offer a 14 day monday back guarantee. We only ask for you to get the chair back to us in condition we sent out to you.


Most of the chairs we sell we would like to deliver within UK. Somechairs will have this options but others we are unable to send.

Oil and lubrication

The Aeron chair has large amount of amount of moving parts which need to be oiled and sometimes sanded to keep functions running smoothly.

Parts replaced

All chairs will received new universal castors for any surface. Any parts that we deem broken we will replace


All our Aeron chairs come with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind. This covers all mechanical parts.

For full terms and conditions regarding warranty and 14 day returns policy please go to our terms and condition page.

Aeron buying guide

We carry a large array of Used and New Herman Miller Aerons in stock at any one time

Herman miller Aerons come in many different specifications and sizes and we hopefully have this chair ready for sale.

Some of the different things to think about when buying a Aeron chair is:


The Aeron chair comes in 3 sizes A,B and C. Most people are a B but smaller might choose and A and larger a C. Always a good idea to try before you buy.


Like colour the weave of chair can come in a few different specifications. Classic, Tuxedo and Wave. Classic is most common and default weave but not the only option.


When buying Aeron you can add options to chair. Rear tilt mechanism, Forward tilt, Posturefit and Lumbar support. These again are customer preference. Not everyone wants or uses the spec on chair.


The Aeron chair comes a variety of colours. Graphite, red, blue and m. any more. Graphite is the most common and easiest to find spares for.


There are now 2 generation of Aeron chair. Classic and remastered. Some people prefer Classic due to solid build. Some people Remastered for refinement.


The classic and remastered Aeron comes with either no arms, Fix arms, height adjustable arms, Pivoting arms and 4D arms (remastered only). These options you can also mix up.