Refurbished Herman Miller Aerons

What we do to refurbish an Aeron?

Good question. Every chair that comes to us we do step by step process to ensure happy customers.


First things first and thats a good clean. We take chair apart to get in the small spaces. To keep in line with environmental policy we use non toxic detergents.


The Aeron chair has a large array of moving parts and to ensure they all work as they should we use lots of lubricant.


Now is a good time to check everything is working as it should. We check all mechanisms for good function.



After we given chair a once over we can see what parts may or may not replacing. As standard we replace castors on all chair for Hardwood or carpet.


Now we need to make the Aeron back to how is should look. We use a colour matched paint to ensure it looks top notch.

Check and bag

Now the chair is looking good we need to check it one last time before it leaves us for it’s new home.


We offer a 12 months warranty on all of our chairs. This would start the day you receive either from us or third party courier. This is mechanical warranty and doesn't not cover cosmetic wear.

14 days return policy

if for any reason you are unhappy with fit of chair you have period to ask for a return. All we ask if you return chair to us in shape it was delivered. If send via courier please keep the box. If you require us to organise collection we can look into this.