Why buy a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron from us?

When buying a Herman Miller Aeron chair it can be a big investment for company or individual. We have been refurbishing Herman Miller chairs for over 15 years and provide 12 months warranty on all chairs.


We are a UK registered company trading for over 15 years.


All our chairs go through a 5 stage process and check twice before delivery.


We refurbish chairs for some of the largest companies in UK and worldwide.

We carry a large array of Used and New Herman Miller Aerons in stock at any one time

Herman miller Aerons come in many different specifications and sizes and we hopefully have this chair ready for sale.

Some of the different things to think about when buying a Aeron chair is:

  • Size: The aeron comes in 3 different sizes. A,B and C. Most people are a size B
  • Colour: The most common colour is Carbon (black) but we also sometimes have, Blue, red and grey
  • Tilt Functions: The aeron comes with rear and forward tilt. Some people don’t need forward but all need rear tilt.
  • Castors: The chair can come with carpet or hardwood.
  • Arms: The aeron can come with Fixed, Wheel and the newer Flip arm.
  • Pellicle: The pellicle is the name for weave of chair. You have basic, Tuxedo and wave.
  • Arm pads: You can have arms made from Vinyl, Leather and Fabric
  • Back support: You have a choice between nothing, Lumbar and PostureFit

As you can see there are many things to look out for when buying a Aeron chair. If you have any questions please get in touch

Below are some chairs we have for sale but if there is a specific chair you want please ask as we probably have.